Warm Introductions through Team Network Mapping
Your exec team, advisors, and services team can introduce your sales team to many new accounts. Are you missing opportunities to grow pipeline?
Warm Introductions through Team Network Mapping
Find hidden opportunities
Your executive team, advisors, and board members are highly connected. Know instantly what accounts they can introduce you to, and who they are connected to at those accounts.
Know where trust exists
Don’t be stuck with 100s of “yes, we’re connected, but I don’t really know that person” moments. Accurate, real-time measurement of relationship strength shows you where real relationships exist, and how strong they are so you know precisely where to focus.
Maximize the value of your execs and advisors
Your executives, advisors, and board members are ready and willing to help you. Too often, they don’t know exactly which companies you are trying to start a conversation with. If they did, they would gladly make an introduction. Quickly surface the best possible intro opportunities and maximize their ability to contribute to your business.
Know when outreach has happened
Executives, board members, and advisors are often busy and inaccessible people within the business. Following up with them to check to see if they have reached out, as they promised to do, is challenging. Know instantly, without any follow-up, which outreaches have happened and which have not. Maximize your success, and minimize your time spent managing your executive team.