Live Webinar Why Customer Success Needs to Own Revenue Thursday, May 30, 1pm EST

Kia Puhm (Moderator)

Founder & CEO

David Rudolph

SVP Customer Success and Account Management

Bridget Winston

Vice President Of Sales, Americas

Lars Engman

Senior Vice President Customer Success

Paul Teshima (Host)

Co-founder & CEO

Owning Revenue is Critical to Scaling Customer Success
The debate of whether customer success should own revenue has been around since the inception of the CS role. Will having a quota prevent customer success from being impartial trusted advisors to their customers? Or are the people most familiar with the customers’ needs in the best position to upsell and expand? We have brought four customer success thought leaders to share their thoughts, and present key insights on how owning revenue changes the way customer success managers operate.
In this webinar we will discuss:

  • What is the case for and against CS owning revenue?
  • How is the CS role unique when it comes to understanding customer needs and being in a position to upsell and expand?
  • When does a business need to give CS a revenue quota?
  • What types of technologies can support this role?
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About the presenters
Kia Puhm (Moderator)

Founder & CEO at DesiredPath A frontierswoman in the Software-as-a-Service Customer Success industry, Kia Puhm has extensive experience building world-class practices that accelerate business growth. Prior to founding DesiredPath, Kia held chief positions at Oracle, Eloqua, Day Software (Adobe), Intelex Technologies, and Blueprint Software Systems. ​ Based on over 24 years of expertise, Kia developed the Intelligent Framework™ (driven by industry first metrics and benchmarks) to provide clients with a disciplined, sustainable and scalable approach to increasing customer value and long term loyalty. ​ In 2005, while working with enterprise content management firm Day Software, Kia was named one of Switzerland’s top 50 highest ranking women in business by Swiss publication Basler Zeitung. ​ She is also a former member of the Canadian National Swim Team, national record-holder in the women’s 200-metre backstroke and world top 10 ranked swimmer. ​ Kia holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto.

David Rudolph

SVP Customer Success and Account Management at Sonatype As an executive with over 15 years of Sales, Account Management, and Customer Success experience, I help customers as people, not simply corporations, who have unique challenges, goals, and ambitions. My vision is simple: make it easy for customers to consistently derive real business value from their investment.

Bridget Winston

Vice President Of Sales, Americas at Shutterstock Confident and dynamic Sales & Customer Success leader with more than sixteen years of extensive business management experience in the area of technology sales. Strong problem-solver with excellent operational, marketing, and organizational design expertise. Persuasive communicator and relationship-builder with skillful negotiation and public speaking abilities.

Lars Engman

Senior Vice President Customer Success at Ceridian As a customer advocate at Ceridian, I combine my personal passion for helping people, our customers and love for our new technology to make our customers lives better. 20 years of professional sales, marketing, sales force effectiveness, business development, solution consultant, and account management experience. Have been part of both medium and large enterprises. Responsibilities have included managing up to $600M in annual recurring revenue, $60M in new orders quota, and managing annual operating expenses in excess of $60M.

Paul Teshima (Host)

Co-founder & CEO at CEO and co-founder of, a relationship intelligence platform that helps you find and grow the right relationships that drive sales. Over 20,000 sales professionals use us today, and we track over 60M business relationships. Firm believer that culture eats strategy for breakfast, and business culture can be built through storytelling. Always have been a leader with a strong focus on sales and customer engagement. Previously lead Eloqua (marketing automation) as part of the founding executive team from $0 to over $100 million in revenue, through IPO and a successful acquisition for $957 million by Oracle.

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