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This week we launched zero setup account-based sales features for all users.

We’ve made this *really* easy and you don’t have to change anything. The companies that you are in touch with, and want to keep in touch with, will now appear in lists automatically and get prioritized based on last touch / relationship strength.

Highlights of what’s new:

  1. Intelligent generation of target account lists
  2. Relationship intelligence to prioritize account focus
  3. Target companies will appear in Daily Outlook
  4. Every contact at an account will be seamlessly tracked
  5. Smart templates to personalize and simplify follow-up

Dynamic account lists’s account-based relationship intelligence creates and manages lists that dynamically reflect target accounts.

You’ll now see company lists, including Losing Touch, automatically drawn from your sales interactions.

Custom list creation to map perfectly to a sales strategy, or integrate with CRM systems, is available for Premium users and above.

Relationship intelligence on accounts will measure the strength of your relationships across your accounts.

Then we’ll help you prioritize the ones that matter and ensure that you can keep those relationships strong.

Daily executive account brief uses artificial intelligence to make sales research faster including precise insights on target accounts through a daily email.

All users will now see their automatically created account lists in the Daily Outlook email. If you have custom lists, ensure those lists are pinned, and those will show up instead.

Intelligent cadences for follow-up
Across your tools, enables easy-to-set cadences. Cadences let you keep in touch once a relationship is initiated: for example, every 2 weeks or 3 months. You can set a cadence this on a person, or on a company then tracks if you are in touch and reminds you if you are not in touch. You’ll see those reminders in the same place, in the Chrome extension, whether you are in Gmail, SalesLoft, Salesforce, or anywhere that we integrate.

Smart templates
We’ve also added in smart templates. This is a quick, useful add-in that will appear in the bottom right of your email compose window (if you have the Chrome extension installed). You can create email templates – for example, based on buyer persona – and use those for outreach and follow-up.


Access accounts through your network.

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