Don’t let blind spots in account relationships sabotage your forecast. IDENTIFY AT RISK DEALS AND RENEWALS. DELIVER STRONGER REVENUE RESULTS. Nudge identifies the gaps in stakeholder relationships that cause surprise pipeline attrition so you can proactively manage revenue risks and coach sales and CX teams to develop wider, deeper relationships.

Know Which Deals & Renewals Are at Risk No revenue leader wants to find out with two weeks left in the quarter that a few deals or renewals they were counting on aren’t coming in. The leading culprit is weak, single-threaded account relationships that lead to last minute deal blockers and surprise stakeholders. Nudge provides an objective way to assess relationship strength so you can identify at-risk deals and renewals and proactively prevent them from slipping or getting blocked. LEARN MORE

Take Corrective Action to Win More Deals Nudge gives revenue leaders an objective way to identify at risk deals and renewals by exposing the gaps in account relationships that lead to surprise attrition. Unlike anecdotal methods of interrogating pipeline accuracy, Nudge combines AI and the most complete account-level dataset to show you the relationships you need to build so you can coach teams to develop wider, deeper account coverage.


See why revenue leaders rely on Nudge to create a culture of comprehensive customer relationships.
Multi-threading has now become ingrained in everything we do in both sales and Customer Success because we measure and expect it.” Jocelyn Brown SVP Revenue and Customer Success
30% Account relationships that are single-threaded in most organizations. Single threaded deals and customer relationships are more likely to slip or get killed by unidentified stakeholders and surprise, last minute deal blockers. Yet up to 30% of account relationships are single-threaded in most organizations.Nudge exposes your single-threaded accounts and at-risk opportunities LEARN MORE
3x The best sellers cultivate account relationships that are 3 times stronger. The broader and deeper your account relationships, the stronger your pipeline. The best sellers and account managers cultivate 2X more relationships at 3X the depth than the rest of the revenue organization.Nudge shows you the best opportunities to broaden current account relationships.


It Starts With Data 74% of the contacts a sales rep engages with in a deal cycle never get entered into CRM.
Nudge automatically captures every contact and activity your sales and CX team engages with and enters them in your CRM so you always have a full picture of the current account relationships. LEARN MORE
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