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Data Automatically
Automatic contact creation and activity logging in CRM Learn more
Deals Accurately
Intelligent flagging of single-threaded and high-risk deals Learn more
Revenue Growth
Smart alerts on next actions to grow revenue Learn more
Perfect CRM Data on Every Account 74% of contacts your sales team interacts with are never created in your CRM system. Let Nudge give your existing CRM a perfect foundation of contact and activity data automatically. Every contact and every activity created in CRM without anyone clicking a button.
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Instant Understanding of Every Deal Know how each deal is progressing instantly, with no “gut hunch” assessments, and no missing data. Every relationship, every conversation, and every buying committee member at your fingertips for each deal. Learn more Start Free TrialGet a Demo
Proactive Alerting of Risks and Problems You know risky patterns when you see them: single-threaded deals, late stage deals with no access to executives, churn risks because customer champions leave. But that’s only IF you see them. Nudge proactively alerts you of every risk in your revenue funnel so you can save the account and drive more revenue. Learn more Start Free TrialGet a Demo
High Performance Revenue Teams Through Autonomous CRM Give your sales leadership perfect visibility into every account and every deal. Free your front-line team from admin work and “gut hunch” deal assessments. Create a winning team through a focus on strategy, coaching, and the customer experience. Learn more Start Free TrialGet a Demo
Turbocharge Your Existing CRM Investment Your existing CRM system, such as, is already the hub of your business. With perfect data on every contact, each relationship, and every buying executive your team is interacting with, that investment becomes significantly more valuable.
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